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A typical integration completes steps in the following order

  1. Sign data sharing agreement/NDA
  2. Rough commercial agreement
  3. Kick off, technical integration meeting
  4. Sign final commercial agreement
  5. Payment and customer support alignment
  6. Finalize technical integration
  7. Launch
  8. Celebrate


The following agreements need to be reached. Contact our Commercial point of contact for details.

Technical integration

Follow these steps to complete a deep integration

  1. Get access to staging from our engineering point of contact.
  2. Implement MaaS Pro API in our staging environment.
  3. Test implementation with virtual scooters in our staging environment.
  4. Request access to production from our engineering point of contact
  5. Perform a final test in closed beta.
  6. Go live on the agreed-upon date.
  7. Celebrate!

Meetings (optional)

We offer the partners to align on details with counterparts in the following areas. Reach out to them if you want to set up a meeting.

Provide information

Voi needs the following information from the partners