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Customer Support

Voi is responsible for any service cases related to scooters, active rides, accidents, and police. Any other requests are handled by the partner. By presenting Voi’s contact information while the user is unlocking, riding, and locking the scooter, most support cases end up in the right place. If service requests are sent to the wrong customer support, Customer support forwards them to their counterpart at the other company (via email or directly through Kustomer if Kustomer integration is implemented). Refunds are always performed by the partner but sometimes requested by Voi.


Voi aims to respond to any customer support errand within 8 hours, and within 30 minutes for accidents and end ride issues.

Ways for users and partners to contact Voi customer support.

We mainly use email for customer support. In our app and on our webpage you can also fill in a form, but this is converted into an email. Voi uses the riders email-address and, if available, the 4-letter code next to the QR-code on the scooters to identify the users in our internal systems. We need this information and the name of your app provided when you contact our support.

We have different points of contact, one for you and one for your end users.

For regulatory reasons, we also provide phone-support in some markets. Phone support has no access to admin tools, meaning they can answer simple questions and most users calling in will get referred to e-mail-support. For the following cities, we provide phone-based customer support:

City Zone Id Phone-number
Germany   0800 10 400 10
Switzerland   044-5519984
Italy   +39 800-561931

Contacting partner’s customer support

Voi will need the following information:

We will provide you with the user’s e-mail when contacting your customer support.

Performing Refunds

How to refund


For active rides, Voi customer support will end them and set the price. For already ended rides, the partner is free to perform under conditions described below. The partner has to keep track of refunds and present them with the amount owed when invoicing Voi, including the id of the ride that was refunded and the user’s id.


When Voi wants to request a refund from a partner, we will contact you with the following information (via email or directly through Kustomer if Kustomer integration is implemented):

Refunds conditions

When it’s our fault

We always refund when the issue was our fault.


When the user used our service

If the user managed to ride (even if only until a certain point), the ride should still be paid and you can refund the extra charge.


Credits and refunds

If the charge (or extra charge) is below 10 Euro, we offer users refunds in Voi credits (unless the user specifically asks for a refund in money, then we refund the money). If the amount is above 10 Euro, we refund in money. When refunding in Voi credits, we usually add a bit extra as compensation, around 1-2 Voi credits (1-2 Euro).


Not refundable

We don’t make refunds for insignificant issues that don’t affect users’ experience. Instead, in these cases, we can send the users 1-2 Voi credits (1-2 Euro) as compensation for the inconvenience. Examples of insignificant issues: not working bell, no kickstand, slow Internet connection, etc.

Service cases

If the partner gets contacted

Support case Action
Reserved wrong scooter/couldn’t be found/is damaged Can’t happen, since you cannot book a Voi.
User cannot find a scooter Ask the user to find another scooter. Voi will automatically create a search and rescue task for the missing scooter.
User cannot get the scooter to move First troubleshoot (make sure the scooter is unlocked, ask the user to kick-start to get some speed and push the gas-button). If doesn’t help, contact Voi. If the ride is less than 2 minutes and/or 100 meters, the price will be zero. The partner may refund the end-user.
Active rental cannot be ended First troubleshoot (check if the user is located in an area where you are allowed to park). Ask for the duration of the ride and then contact Voi to manually end it.
User cannot start a ride Make sure the user has performed the required steps in your app. If it still is not working, contact Voi.
The scooter is located outside of the Voi business area with an active rental Ask the user to go back to the operational area and warn about the possibility of additional fees (25 Euro or higher). If the user doesn’t want to go back, forward the case to Voi. We charge the user 25€ extra as a part of the end-ride (it will be invoiced by the partner at the end of the ride).
The scooter did not unlock, the user insists on refund There should be no costs since the scooter didn’t unlock. Contact Voi with the four-letter code so we can take care of the scooter.
A user finds a broken scooter If you get the four-letter code, forward it to Voi. Otherwise, contact the user and request the four-letter code.
Traffic authority contacts the partner because a user committed traffic offenses Forward the request to Voi.
User was in an accident Forward the request to Voi.
If police reaches out with a request for data Forward the request to Voi.
User requests access to their data Do your normal procedure and ask them to contact Voi for a separate request.
User requests the right to be forgotten Do your normal procedure and ask them to contact Voi for a separate request.
User contacts the partner providing general feedback on Voi scooters, prices or operational zones Forward the ticket to Voi.

If Voi gets contacted

Support case Action
The scooter is broken First help with the scooter. If necessary contact the partner for a refund request providing with the sum to refund and the time+date of the ride.
Voi wants to charge a rider post-ride for bad parking or other post-ride-fines. Voi doesn’t currently do that.
Any questions regarding accounts and payments Forward the request to the partner.
Any questions regarding the app and the partner Forward the request to the partner.
Voi sees suspicious activities Contact the partner.
User requests access to their data Do your normal procedure and ask them to contact the Partner for a separate request.
User requests the right to be forgotten Do your normal procedure and ask them to contact the Partner for a separate request.


Vois FAQ is available here. We recommend embedding it as a web-view within your app.